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Book Report On The Book “Multisensory Teaching Of Basic Language Skills” By Judith R. Birsh (1999) Overview: In Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills, Dr. Judith Birsh has succeeded in bringing together the expertise of a constellation of respected and well-known contributors to produce what will undoubtedly become a highly prized and much-used text/reference book in the field of dyslexia and learning differences.

Calling on various authorities to write sections in their areas of greatest interest and strength, she has developed a greatly needed resource for understanding, teaching, assessing, and parenting those who have dyslexia and related disorders. They conclude, however, that there is theoretical support for this approach and that, until research is able to confirm or disprove the effectiveness of multisensory instruction, it behooves teachers to rely on their own experience and professional judgment, as well as on the professional judgment of others who, over the years, report student success when multisensory instruction is used. A most helpful treatise on the teaching of reading comprehension follows discussion of these vital elements of effective reading from a multisensory perspective. Readers will also find instructive and well-written sections on such subjects as multisensory mathematics instruction; oral language; phonological awareness; spelling; handwriting organization and study skills; and several other subjects. In addition, chapters dealing with adult and high functioning dyslexics, parenting issues, and transition to the general classroom and content areas present materials of high interest and utility.

In the classroom concentrate on several effective techniques to make your course content more alive and memorable, which is the objective of the fifth design step: Shape the knowledge segments into multisensory learning activities. Quickly learn course content, shape your teaching so that students have the opportunity to see, hear and use the core facts, principles and concepts unique to your course. It’s crucial to build an option pool of multisensory learning activities that put the course content to work.

Students are challenged and motivated when given the opportunity to produce real, useful products with the knowledge they gain. The students only need to complete the assigned reading in advance of the class. As a whole, the class spent ten minutes reviewing information on their subjects with their partners. Process approach dominates today’s writing curriculum; the heart of any process-based writing classroom is workshopping. As a novice teacher, my attempts at workshopping were fraught with failure; I was demoralized. Now, after more than a decade in the college writing classroom, my workshops are my strong point. I sometimes wish I could step back in time and explain to that less experienced, struggling me what I now know: a work shopping system that works. New Method To Help The Students Retain The Learned Material Before the test

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