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Creating An Imaginary New England

Creating An Imaginary New England The following would represent the image that I would create for a New England. Toni Morrison is a black writer but instead of other black writers who have described the political aspect of slavery and delve more on the governmental and policy of the then times, Toni Morrison through her fictional writings has given us a new feeling of how things really were. In her novel Beloved (1998), Morrison has created a new setup of imagination and cult of slavery. I wish she could live in England and write for us.

(Morrison, Toni (1998) Beloved, Available at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/6305305846/nobelprizeintern, Accessed 27/04/03) “In the mid-1990s a new posse of young playwrights from Britain and Ireland burst on to the theatre scene with plays that were clearly designed to shock their audiences by Quentin Tarantino-style actionism and the explicit portrayal of violence, cannibalism, sodomy, and any kind of perversity. Literary critics and historians have meanwhile begun to identify this new trend as the third wave of the New British Drama and have pointed out its affinities with Jacobean revenge tragedies of the early seventeenth century.

Assuming that the violence and aggression in these plays is more than simply coincidental or collateral, we will have to subject these plays to some serious cross-examining: What are the motives behind such an aesthetics of violence and its mediation through drama? In how far does such ‘cool’ dramaturgy reflect the values of contemporary society? Are these plays then a reflection of/on the much vaunted socio-politics of ‘Cool Britannia’ (UK) or the ‘Green Tiger’ (Ireland)?” Playwrights like Sarah Kane, Blasted (1995), Mark Ravenhill, Shopping and F***ing (1996), Enda Walsh, Disco Pigs (1996), Mark O’Rowe, Howie the Rookie (1999), and Martin McDonagh, The Lieutenant of Inishmore (2001) are the pioneers of the above literary themes, and that is what I would not like to imagine in my new England.

(Fine Young Cannibals: Drama and Violence, Available at http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/phil/english/chairs/englit/data/courses/w01_fyc.htm, Accessed 27/04/03) This literary piece is “extremely witty, smart, hilarious, and utterly winning female protagonist, has a clever exploration of the delicate balance between career and family life, but the ending is just a little bit too primly tied up. It is about a fast-paced, intelligent narrative about one woman’s attempt to build a high-profile, challenging career with two young children at home”. (Pearson, Allison (2002) I Don’t Know How She Does It: The Life of Kate Reddy, Working Mother, Comments Available at http://contemporarylit.about.com/library/weekly/aapr021303.htm, Accessed 27/04/03) Following are the poems, there I like the rhythm and style, the imagination and the courtesy that is shown towards the society and the world. (Howard, Peter ‘Low Probability of Racoons’ Available at http://www.hphoward.demon.co.uk/poetry/inatdeep.htm, Accessed 27/04/03)

In at the Deep End This is the

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