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Heterosexism is the discrimination or prejudice by heterosexuals against or towards homosexuals, whereas homophobia is the fear or hatred of the male sex or humankind, which is leading to such circumstances where the people are getting involved into or are hostile to homosexuals (persons who are sexually attracted often exclusively to the people of their own sex) and homosexuality (the condition of being homosexual).

Teaching heterosexism/homophobia to the students in the class cannot be considered as moral defilement at all, as when we teach science or more particularly biology to the students, they get to know about the ways of reproduction or sexual intercourse.

To explain the students about the facts of heterosexism/homophobia is not meant to spread the explicit description or exhibition of sexual subjects or activity in literature, etc., in a manner intended to stimulate erotic feelings but the students need to be enlightened by the adverse affects of committing such moral transgressions, as they are already aware of every such thing because it is very common in our society and the television media and Internet in addition is the most common way of providing such information that misleads the teenagers towards committing it by its charms exhibited by those sources..

Infact the teaching of heterosexism/homophobia must be included in the courses or workshops to save our generation from this nastiness. I don’t feel sorry for teaching heterosexism/homophobia in the class, as I am absolutely in the right position to bring about a favourable change in the attitudes of my students.

The only distressing aspect of teaching this topic is that might possibly I have hurt many of the lesbians (female homosexuals) and gays (male homosexuals), as atleast 10% are present everywhere, but being an optimist I must say that my lecture would definitely bring about positive modification in their thoughts as well and the students not involved in these filthy things would always stay away from them in order to lead their life as respectable citizens, as the base of the children is built into these years of childhood and if they are directed towards the right path in this age, they would never incline from this moral path towards the destructive and dishonoured future.

This is not only the social and moral responsibility of the teachers but the parents are also equally responsible for bringing up their children while letting them know about every such thing when they are going to observe these concepts in the society, as if they are not aware by the adverse affects before, then they are easily attracted towards committing such nastiness. Especially these habits are buildup in the educational institutions and nowadays many reports are coming into consideration in the school and colleges about such

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