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Language And Masculinity

The art of communication was always dominated by the innovations happened in the art of language. The human race has always been communicating among itself and formed various societies, developed relationships, brought new ideas etc. Language was utilized to define the sexuality, the culture, the social aspect and it all happened in terms of gender. The dominance of the masculine gender through the utilization of the language was always known to the mankind.

The male population receives power by dictating certain social norms. The masculinity is a part of the male gender and in terms of linguistics it conveys masculinity with great power and force. According to some philosophers the males unjustly and deliberately construct such a society which is male-centered and it caters to the supremacy of the masculinity described above. It will be interesting to find the relation among language, masculinity and gender. If we discuss it any further we will find out that throughout the history it was the human race which has brought innovation to the language. Language was used to gain power with the use of male power.

As a result the language was also used to dictate social norms. They also became successful in gaining the women’s cooperation by using the power of masculine language. Some of the scholars assume that language is visible and it exists in this form without any doubt. They also further assume that language can be compared with other forms of visual phenomenon. In this regard the linguistic analysis is in fact a kind of perception of visual way. In other way one can see the language and in particular in its treatment of grammar. “In “Language and Masculinity,” Victor Seidler writes, “Oppressed people are constantly trying to make language their own, as they attempt to discover and redefine their experience” (636).

In your last essay, you discussed Seidler’s observations about the ways in which men and women define their experiences through language, and you also discussed his ideas about how men have traditionally used language in the interest of maintaining an objective authority that they systematically deny to women. For your fifth (and final) essay, I would like you to examine similar issues of language and oppression as you use Seidler’s arguments to explore the ideas offered by Maxine Hong Kingston in her essay, “No Name Woman.” Kingston’s essay explores the ways in which speech and silence are used to organize gender roles. According to Kingston, how do individuals discover and redefine experience? What experiences does Kingston redefine? How does she redefine them, and to what end? Think about these questions in relation to the conclusions you reached about Seidler in your last paper. Ultimately, I would like you to

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