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Persuasive Essay Alcoholism 2

Alcoholism Alcoholism is one thing, which has never been condoned at any point in time by any prevalent religion. But there has been a drive, which has been gaining momentum worldwide, especially in US. It is regard to whether the people who have gone ill beyond the stage where they can regain their health should be allowed to have the right to get physician’s help in dying. More commonly the same thing is also known as euthanasia.

The campaign to legalize assisted suicide, also called the right-to-die movement, has been under way since the 1970′s but has gained a lot of support in the 1990′s, especially towards the latter half of the century. Is it really right? Should the older people be allowed to have their last wish? Should they be put to sleep in a cold and calm manner and should their misery be cut short?

Will we not be doing them a favor by doing so? I think we would be doing them more than a favor by doing this. But the common misconception is that as soon as the word euthanasia comes up people cry havoc and think that it means killing all old people or anyone who is beyond a certain age group.

It definitely does not mean that. It merely means that those people who are terminally ill and their sickness is at the stage where they cannot be cured then it should be an option available to them and to their relatives and close and near ones.

Just imagine the pain that a person goes through when he would be near death but yet is not dying? Even imagining such a pain is impossible so what would it be like for the person who would be experiencing it first hand? Similarly their relatives and a lot of other lives related to them would be in turmoil because of all the pain. This is not suicide in any way or form. This is not even near taking one’s own life. But it is merely speeding up the process and doing so when you know for a fact what the inevitable is going to be. Many would again argue that nobody knows what lies in the future. So if we started playing in numbers and probabilities, there would be a number of cases where the physician would agree that the patient might live but the chances of him going back to normal are very gloomy. With no one to care, and expensive health care, and inability to enjoy the riches of the life why should one put oneself and the other people through all such pains? Even if this all sounds capricious and merciless, it is not.

It is not murder

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