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The Man Who Would Be King

The Man Who Would Be King The Man who would be King is a movie based on a famous story by Rudyard Kipling. The story is about two soldiers who want to make it big and acquire wealth and they realize they can only do this by looking for it in Afghanistan. The movie is engaging to say the least and takes an interesting stand with regard to colonial and imperial powers and the devastating consequences that they have on the colonized nations. Kipling features in the movie (i.e. Christopher Plummer), who listens to Peachy Carnahan’s (Michael Caine) account of their adventures along with the role that his companion Daniel Dravot (Sean Connery) played in those escapades. Both of them are British soldiers who were kicked out of their own country because they were partners in crime.

Previously they were posted to India but once the government learnt of their double-dealings, it instantly kicked them out of the country. Thus the two soldiers decide to make their fortune by traveling all the way to Kafiristan, which is a part of Afghanistan. There they undergo a number of hardships before meeting a man who tells them about the treasures that the local priests have and the ways in which the three of them can steal it away from them.

The three of them fight it out with the natives and when Daniel pulls out the arrow that has pierced his chest with great ease, the natives think he is a god and so begin to worship him in a manner of speaking. It is at this point that power vision hubris leads to hamartia i.e. excessive pride and arrogance that has emerged from the sense of power that Daniel feels leads to his tragic, yet eventual downfall. Daniel begins to feel that he is actually a god and so plays the part to the hilt whereas his companion Peachy realizes that the natives will find out who they really are in a matter of time and thus it is important they leave before disaster strikes. It was in fact sheer luck that saved Daniel’s life initially i.e. the arrow hadn’t really pierced his heart but instead had hit his bandolier which forces Daniel to pull it out without any real pain.

Suddenly he begins to feel important and realizes that he can play this game as long as he likes (which isn’t really true because the natives were bound to find out the truth sooner or later).

He actually believes the natives when they say that he is god and continues to enjoy the ‘benefits’ that are provided to him. Daniel is an example of Aristotle’s tragic hero i.e. Aristotle in his book Poetics attributed

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