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Why The Death Of A Salesman Is A Tragedy

Death Of A Salesman Death of a salesman is a painful conflict within a family. The main character of the play Willy Loman was a traveling sales man who was sixty-three years old at that time. His two sons Biff and Happy were not as good as Willy wanted them to be. Willy suffered form crippling self desires and expectations. In fact he constructed and then elaborated such a kind of fantasy that he was able to deny the ever-mounting evidence of his failures. He was never able to fulfill his expectations and desires. In the beginning of the play he is shown as a person who has been crippled due to his self-delusion. Willy lost all his hopes about the future as he started to believe that the evidence were indicating that he will never experience fortune and fame as was promised by the American Dream.

In fact his dreams were shattered into pieces and his life was nothing but a tragedy. His reality of life and hopes were in sharp conflict with his hopes. There is no doubt that Willy is lost in the past and the dreams and hopes of those years in the past torment him constantly. He wants his son Biff to be a successful person but he becomes a failure in this task also. He asks his wife Linda in desperation, “Why a young man with such personal attraction gets lost in the greatest country in the world.” Willy believes that to be well liked is more than enough to become successful in life, but he was very wrong in his perception. Willy always though that he was an important man. His way of living in this world of harsh reality was to live in illusion. Due to his behavior his family was immersed in a false sense of reality. He always claimed that he was a New England man and that he had importance there. There is a possibility that he was once a vital salesman but the situation was not the same any more. Now the reality was that he was not a successful salesman. Now he was turned into a dreamy salesman and his imagination was much more larger than his ability to sale. It was a tragedy in the life of Willy that he always confronted with lost opportunities. It was not only him but also his whole family had to face this problem and thus the whole family was fallen into this disarray.

Though Willy faced many humiliations during his sales tours but the humiliation, which occurred due to his son, was unimaginable. They left him at the restaurant with the waiter and went out with the women Happy had met.

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