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Pandey Lately there has been a tradition that the movies related to the Indian origin are being made on a massive scale.

That may be because of the fact that the number of Indians within the United States has gone up tremendously. Moreover their involvement in the Hollywood has been on the rise as well. This means that the things have been changing for the good as far as the Indians are concerned and these movies have been blockbusters because of the large contingency of Indians within the Americas as well as those back at home have been appreciating the movie a lot. That is the prime reason for the huge success of these movies in the long run. (Chawlaaarti, 2002) Not too long ago, two years back a movie was made by the name of “American Desi” which had a lot of Indian actors and it was made by an Indian director who had been a part of Hollywood for not so long and the movies was an immediate smash hit on the silver screen. It did set a precedence as far as moving making is concerned. It broke a lot of records and the main reason for that was the fact that it was a fairly low budget movie. Most of the actors that were part of the crew and the cast related really well to the assigned roles and since they were just generation American Indians they were able to portray the roles in the most apt manner. The movie is basically about the human values and about the portrayal of how important is the roots of the person and the emphasis has been that the person should never forget them at any costs. Basically it was a light comedy and there were a lot of hilarious scenes and the cast, the dialogues and everything else about the movie including the direction were in perfect collaboration. (Chawlaaarti, 2002)

The movie was about this kid who joins school and he is in such a state of flux that he has developed a type of inferiority complex. That is why he wants everyone to think that he is not an Indian but an American. Having good looks and a perfectly well spoken English help him along in living up to this alibi.

He does run into a female who appears to be pretty attractive and he falls for her instantaneously. To add flavor to the things he thinks that she is an American and he speaks lowly about the Indians only to find out from her that she herself is an Indian and she prides herself in being one.

She is a staunch patriot and follower of Indian customs, which this guy Khris

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