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Alcoholism in Russia

Alcoholism in Russia Introduction Russia has been battling with malicious social and economic effects of the drug abuse. Drug abuse is one of the most saddening aspects of the Russian society. Use of illegal drugs is damaging to the user and all those with whom the user comes in touch. There are over 40 million illegitimate drug users in the world today and Russia is one of the largest marketplaces for drugs, including alcohol.

“Heavy drinking is getting ever worse as national vice, and causes grave concern of the Russian government. Official statistics evaluate annual per capita alcohol consumption at 8.4 liters, and unofficial 14-as against an average 3.5 in the Soviet years, said Alexei Gordeyev, Deputy Prime Minister, as he was summing up a government commission session for the media. Prospects for closer government regulation of distilling and the alcoholic beverage market may be offered to the State Council for debates, he added.” (RUSSIAN CABINET UNEASY AS DRINKING SKYROCKETS) Unlawful drugs and their exploiters are an epidemic to society for numerous distinct reasons. The user is simulated in various ways. The most favorite drug in Russia is alcohol, and is commonly thought of as socially agreeable and somewhat innocuous. But it can have devastating effects.

Alcohol might seem very harmless but it can harm the user very smoothly. Studies reveal that at least 60 percent of men and 45 percent of women are heavily inclined to alcohol. Alcohol’s toll on Russia — the harm it does — is exhausting to embrace. World War II, for instance, took the lives of nearly 30 million people. Since the war, alcohol has killed more than that in Russia. Alcohol abuse in Russia also promotes murders, suicides, accidents, domestic violence and even sterility. It’s also a drag on a struggling economy, with inefficient workers and absenteeism costing businesses millions. “For five months of 2002 in Russia as a result of drunkenness died 18 224 persons (in 2001 for the same period – 16 858). The leader – the Central federal district: 4933 persons (4522 in 2001). Then on decreasing: Privolzhsky – 4160 (3622); Siberian – 3122 (3044); Northwest – 2424 ( 2307 ); Ural – 1722 ( 1665 ); Southern – 1074 ( 968 ); Far East – 789 ( 730 ).” Alcoholism in Russia Russians now take in more alcohol per person than any other country in the world.

The average man drinks about four gallons of pure alcohol a year, or about a pint of vodka every other day, almost twice what Americans drink. Russian alcohol consumption is a huge determinant in lowering male life expectancy to a very young 57 years. That means many Russians die of alcoholism before they retire. Alcohol is

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