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Civil War And American Revolution y

Civil War And American Revolution The American Revolution can be described as the conflict in which the thirteen colonies of North America gained independence from Britain. After a bloody battle, the colonies finally became independent and efforts were made to introduce democracy into the American society.

This was primarily done by way of the Declaration of Independence along with the American constitution. The latter ensured that every American would have the right to live according to his/her own wishes. Since the British regime was rather oppressive, the ruling members of the American colonies decided to create a constitution that would guarantee that every individual would have the right to practice his/her religion and culture in the society.

Of course nothing could be further from the truth because the treatment of black minorities in the country was despicable so to speak. The conservative southern states of the country relied on cheap black labor to pick cotton from their fields i.e. they were getting rich while the poor were getting poorer. It was for this reason that the American Civil War took place between the years 1861 to 1865.

The war was fought in order to free black people from the shackles of slavery i.e. to ensure that the American society was truly democratic, instead of just promising things on paper. Thus it is for this reason that the American Civil War is referred to as the ‘second’ American Revolution. References Author unavailable, “Civil War”, Available online at: http://www.britannicaonline.com/civilwar.html 2003. Author unavailable, “American Revolution”, Available online at: http://www.britannicaonline.com/american_revolution.html 2003.

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