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Marrying Absurd: Joan Didion and marriage

[Name of the writer] [Name of the professor] [Course title] [Date] Marrying Absurd: Joan Didion and marriage This essay has discussed the attitude of Joan Didion’s attitude toward marriage in “Marrying Absurd”. I do agree with Didion and believe that marriage as an institution is a very serious issue because it is the first and the last in your life. The overall scenario of American culture has also been discussed. I totally agree with Amy Grant who once remarked that the more you invest in a marriage, the more valuable it becomes.

“Marriage is not a word; it is a sentence”. (King Vidor) Marriage I believe has to reside in sensible shyness and not wholesome outspokenness and should be supported very well with compromising attitudes.

There has to be the love based on sound understandings among the marrying partners and on this basis of love marriage should be allowed to enter. I believe that this understanding is not just physical but should be mental and not governed by physical love such as sex. How marvelously well did Jeff Foxworthy put it, “Getting married for sex is like buying a 747 for the free peanuts”.

Didion’s novels are mostly set in hot places such as Los Angeles, Central America and Hawaii while her characters are in the state of feeling cold and actually shiver from the air conditioning at hotel room or the lounge of an airport. Marrying Absurd reflects Didion’s more resilient thoughts though self-absorbed at times.

The details are at times superfluous such as the accessories, jewelry, fancy wedding, gestures and much more. The reflection is actually that of an emotionally dissociated woman imagining some exotic locale and affection through associative presence of the loved one. The Last Thing He Wanted’s heroine, Elena McMahon also flees her barren marriage for Miami taking care of her sick father. (“In marriage, each partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic, a forgiver rather than a collector of hurts, an enabler rather than a reformer.”

(H. Norman Wright and Gary J. Oliver) Marriage Absurd (1967) is a conviction by Didion of an air of superiority with the sole purpose of pointing out the absurdity of the marriage business in Las Vegas. Amongst Didion’s main points is that majority of marrying in Las Vegas chapels is done for having “the facsimile of proper ritual” and the marrying couples are the “children who do not know how else to find it, how to make the arrangements, how to do it ‘right.’ Although there are no proper rituals considered by the modern generation who quite often even sees marriage itself as an extra something and believe it’s enough that two people live together for some time and leave

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