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Suck Out Your Gut By Sandy Naiman

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of all! Good old days when women were the ones standing in front of the mirror for hours dressing. Women used to spend so much time making their hair, makeup, and dress look perfect just to please their men who were just worried about money and raising their family. Nowadays, men are spending as much time on their appearance as women are. Are men really becoming that concerned about their health and figure? Are they really worried about their appearance as to go through with surgeries such as liposuction and hair transplant? I think the articles “Suck Out Your Gut” by Sandy Naiman and “Turning Boys into Girls” by Michelle Cottle are very much parallel to each other in the sense both emphasize on the fact that men are getting concerned about their health and figure. Men, as much as women, have the right to be concerned about their figure and health. Just like women, men have to look in the mirror and they should like what they see. Men should be satisfied. In my opinions both of the articles have a very strong topic, but the arguments presented are fairly weak. Both authors show concerns that the men are starting to have about themselves. Naiman’s article shows the wrong way men are trying to improve themselves by using such techniques as liposuction, which can be very dangerous on the other hand, Cottle, in my opinion is being sexes and can’t stand the fact that men can be figure cautious too. If one was to read both of the articles, its quite clear that both agree with the fact that men should be concerned about their health and figure, but to a limit. Cottle believes that…”these men magazines are making men Neurotic, insecure and Obsessive about their appearance as women,” (EAA Pg. 428). Naiman uses the statistics that show the increase in the number of men using liposuction to satisfy themselves; “Yet in 1997, Canadian and American members in the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons performed lipsu! ction on 20,192 men, compared to 6,138 men in 1992″ (Everything’s an Argument, Pg. 425). Cottle shows the growing concern in male by the increase of “Men’s Health” magazine, “Since 1990, “Men’s Health” has seen its paid circulation rise from 250,000 to more than 1.5 million” (Pg. 431). Naiman and Cottle both show the concern that men are getting to concerned about their figure, Naiman is more concerned about the medical treatment men are using to achieve self-satisfaction and Cottle, with lots of enthusiasm, gives the pro’s of men taking action towards a better figure. Naiman presents the argument that men who

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