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Use of Technology in company (ABC Inc.) The company has been using cyber marketing vehicles in the literal only for the past 9 or 10 months, before which it didn’t even have a web page. However, the degree of its IT infrastructure is clearly an appropriate one; the parent entity in Turkey, contemporarily speaking, has within its tangible parameters a total of 32 computers; all wired up to a mainframe supercomputer that functions as the ISP.

There is a plethora of graphic designers, online marketing executives and planners, web page designers and cyber-linked pharmacists and physicians, the latter present for firsthand online advice and help. For instance, one of the first security measures to be implemented was to get a certified doctor to appear within advertisement so as to convince the masses of the virtues of this refurbished appearance of an ancient medication source. In doing so, the company ensured ensnaring the psyches of a vast majority of the individuals exposed to the media, particularly via illustrating the medication, as something never heard of before and devoid of chemical inducing processing.

Self-Rating The company (ABC Inc.) is using their technological resources to the maximum. Their utilization of the resources are upto the requirements of the modern and advanced technology. In order to compete in this IT related world it is very necessary for a company to be fully equipped with all the modern technological sources of communication and verification. Some advice to do better Although, the company is doing very well technology wise but there is no limit and no end to more advancements and exploration. The more you explore the more you learn.

The more you learn the more you tend to implement. Technological changes are a never-ending story. You always have a chance to change, to create and to bring something new. This is what is called creative marketing. Bringing a new product in the market is not a big job. The main job is that how you handle that product with new innovations.

ABC Inc. needs to develop more of its website by holding online conference chats with the interested people in homeopathy. Putting an online chat room for the patients and the doctors where they can have live discussions about any disease and its cure will help a great deal to gain customer confidence in this new product. Similarly, there should be a live video conference so that the scholars and the experienced doctors address to those people live who needs their queries to be solved and the e mail is not enough for their correspondence. Putting a suggestion board for the visitors of this website may help them to improve according to the needs and expectations of their customers.

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