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Unique Attributes Of Airborne Express

Unique Attributes Of Airborne Express Airborne has been with us for more than 50 years now and has mainly catered to companies of every size. It claims to have been today’s fastest growing air express delivery companies that is serving every ZIP code in the US and not just that but also serving to over 200 countries worldwide.

The main features of the Airborne services are its reliability, cost efficiency, shipping solutions and more than any thing else more than 60% of the Fortune 500 companies use Airborne for their shipments. In the year 1998, Airborne registered record profits and introduced 30 Boeing 767s in its efficient fleet. According to the Business Consumer Guide, Airborne in 1998 was the Best Air Express Carrier as it was in the previous 3 consecutive years. Airborne’s unique capabilities did not step in 1998 but kept on increasing and giving iron teeth the other postal services. It was in 1999 that Airborne entered into a strategic alliance with the United States Postal Service by the name of airborne@home.

The unique ability of Airborne through airborne@home enabled the e-tailers, catalog companies and the similar businesses to better deliver their products at extremely competitive prices. The marketplace became a kind of Optical Village where companies in the optical industry shared many costs at a single location for their assembly, storage, inventory, logistics and delivery options. In 2001, Airborne launched Ground Delivery Service and 10:30 AM Service after winning the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Award for the second consecutive year in 2000.

Another unique feature or facility that Airborne started was Small Business Center for enhancing shipping process and speed. In the year 2002, Airborne added advanced tracking feature to its Web site airborne.com and in the same year, it also launched Airborne eCourier. The eCourier was the result of consideration towards customers enabling them to send confidential, signed documents electronically.

In year 2002, Airborne Ground expanded for also serving to the small-to-mid-size business customers. In the same year, Airborne entered into partnerships with Neighborhood Postal Centers and OfficeMax that further increased Airborne’s retail presence to thousands of human resource scattered all over the country

The most important turning point in Airborne’s capabilities came with the alliance with DHL. DHL has in the past 34 years built the world’s highest delivery network through express shipping in one country after another.

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