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Adverse Effects Of Smoking

Adverse Effects of Smoking Almost everyone has heard of and known of the very famous campaign by the name of “Smoking Thrills but Kills.”

People take up tobacco use in a search for something positive. This often includes attachment to reference groups and role models that support smoking. But in reality a smoker’s life and a cigarette is not as fantastic as the advertisers have always portrayed it. Smoking is and always was injurious to health. And the hazard isn’t just smoking cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco (chewing or spit tobacco) can also lead to nicotine addiction, oral cancer, gum disease, and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks. Every time one smokes a cigarette, or takes a puff, its just like putting the gun on your forehead and pulling the trigger without knowing if the gun is loaded or not.

Cigarettes make you get addicted to them. No matter what a smoker might say about a cigarette, we know what we see. Yes, it does effect the emotions and the mood swings. Every time you get angry or sad, you need a cigarette and if you do not get it, it takes out the worst of you and you become agitated and irritated. Foul mood swings are one of the adverse effects of cigarettes. Many researchers have discovered that smoking has a lot of effect on the emotional state of the smoker. It can cause mood swings from good to bad and vice versa. Several other researchers in the Tobacco Research and Treatment Program in the United States are trying to understand what it is about mood that influences people’s decisions to start smoking and to continue the habit.

Many smokers experience negative emotions, such as anxiety and depression, at fairly high levels when they attempt to quit. While during the period of smoking, they actually do so in order to overcome depression, melancholy and gloominess. Researchers are currently trying to understand the complicated puzzle of addiction. Recent studies indicate that depression may be a missing link in understanding this chain of dependence. Although there is a mountain of evidence indicating a relationship between major depression and drug abuse, this relationship has generally not extended to nicotine dependence.

Several studies, however, now reveal an association between smoking and depression. Nicotine has been implicated as the primary culprit in the physical dependence on cigarettes. Currently under investigation is whether smokers use this potent drug to self-medicate their depression. Effect Of Smoking On Emotions And Mood Swings Nicotine, unlike heroin or cocaine, is not associated with a feeling of complete ecstasy and elation. David Krogh, in his novel Smoking: The Artificial Passion discusses the unique appeal of nicotine. Cigarettes, while not making the smoker

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