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Carecen The Central American Resource Center

The rituals to go on a field trip usually bring about a momentary relaxation and a plethora of indigestible knowledge about the place but the next day the same filed trip appears nothing more than a couple of group photographs of all visitors placed at the notice board of the school. A field trip is basically a group excursion for the purpose of firsthand observation, as to a museum, the woods, or a historic place. In contrary, my past experience regarding field trips is not in line with aforementioned definition of a field trip.

In fact I had to wait a lot just to see a difference between a genuine field trip and an earsplitting picnic at seaside and that was the moment when luckily I was among those fortunate people who were present on a field trip at CARECEN (Central American Resource Center). CARECEN is a non-profit community-based organization. Fundamentally CARECEN promotes community empowerment for the Latino and immigrant population of Northern California, providing and advocating for services and strategies that respond to the needs and rights of this population. (carecensf.org)

Our field trip at CARECEN was more than a mere field trip. As a matter of fact, it was the memorable experience of my life which not only enabled us to witness a great welfare project but it also made us weigh up what should be our real purpose of life. Beyond all shadow of doubt, commendable are those who just devote their whole life for the welfare of other human beings.

In details, we all were warmly received by people at CARECEN and one of its officers in his speech of welcome briefed us about the work of CARECEN in general and its overall achievements in particular.

Then, under uninterrupted guidance of CARECEN’s Executive Director Juan Ramón director we all were taken to its numerous departments. He told us that CARECEN’s Legal Program provides expert advice and direct services direct legal services to immigrants with low or no income whereas its health program dental and parental care, a woman’s clinic, immunization, general medicine and outreach. Furthermore, CARECEN’s Second Chance Tattoo Removal project helps 12-23 years old tattoos removed and start a new meaningful life. It’s another program “Family Empowerment Program” provides education, helps with basic family needs, counseling and referrals. Answering a question how CARECEN manages to keep developing and running its programs CARECEN’s Executive Director Juan Ramón said CARECEN relies on donations from foundations and the community to keep developing and running programs that serve our clients.

The one thing which really inspired me that CARECEN has been advocating for immigrants rights locally and nationally since 1986. Beyond all doubt we all visitors were mesmerized through CERECEN’s captivating environment

and its

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