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Private Schools And Internet Censorship

This report contains information on government policy and/or laws regarding Internet censorship. It is a 5-page paper discussing the issues of private schools and their censorship of the Internet to the students. It uses 5 sources. Introduction: While the Internet is generally recognized as bringing many advantages educationally, socially and financially, there are a number of risks attached to its use, especially financial dangers such as the risk of having credit card details intercepted. In this line, we shall look at some of the social hazards including possible risks involved in private schools and Internet usage and the threat of censorship. Media Metrix data from June 2000 showed that male averaged 301.2 unique page views, while females viewed an average of 271. Boys visited about 47 domains, while girls visited 32. Analysis: Evidently schools have a responsibility to make sure that children do not have unrestricted access to materials without supervision. The crucial question is what type of supervision is necessary – many schools are choosing filtering software that restricts on the basis of Internet address or content In fact, schools in both China and Singapore are renowned to use filtering at a proxy server to restrict access to political views that they do not find acceptable. Thus the worry is that the same software installed in the name of protecting the young and not so young from pornography is very convenient for filtering out any criticism. Indeed, The US Congress is considering “The Internet School Filtering Act”, which would damage schools financially that did not put filtering in place. The problem is that much of the filtering software makes questionable decisions as to what is objectionable. “When they would log on, they would unleash all these horrible things about students and teachers and faculty,” he said. “We here at the school are concerned about rights of privacy and we’re trying to stress responsibility and the fact that you can really hurt somebody.” “More affluent students will have the privilege of ditching the newly censored school computers for their less restricted ones at home, while the less fortunate will likely be stuck in a frustrating and quite discriminatory situation,” said Jess Pinkham, a senior at Stuyvesant High School. “This is a blatant violation of one of the initial intentions of the Internet, to provide accessible information to everyone.” School communities nationwide are urging repeal of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which requires public schools and libraries receiving certain federal funds or e-rate discounts to install Internet filters. In May, a federal district court struck down the library provisions of CIPA because it found that filters massively over block valuable web content, thereby violating the First Amendment rights of library

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