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Reflections On Philosophy Of Education

Reflections on philosophy of education [Name of the writer appears here] [Name of the institution appears here] Reflections on philosophy of education Introduction An educational philosophy It is an addition of a personal philosophy—ones values and the way one go at living ones life. Some people make their personal philosophy explicit by adopting the teachings of a religion, or the views of a particular philosophy. Other people have an implicit philosophy that simply “feels right” to them, but they don’t necessarily look closely at the reasons why it feels right. In either case, philosophy is there at work underlying and giving rise to ones choices in life.

(http://www.hometaught.com/ed_philosophy.htm) What is a Core value? There has been a tendency in debates of value resolutions to resort to what has been called a “core value.” This strategy of debate isolates the concern of a resolution in terms of its implications on single aspect or subject of value orientation.

The focus of a constructive speech would be on a single, or core, value, such as individual liberty, or the “value” of society. Ethical theorists use the terms ‘naturalistic fallacy’ to refer to this strategy. The naturalistic fallacy is committed when the boundaries of the debate are shifted from the value implicit in affirmation or negation of a resolutional issue to the value of a separate issue as it is affected, sometimes indirectly, by the resolutional issue.

The analysis of the constructive limits itself to a single subject, deemed a value, rather than the comprehensive value of a resolution. It is important to under-stand, in dealing with resolutions of value, what “value” means, according to Webster’s II (1984): ‘A principle, standard or quality regarded as worthwhile or desirable to rate according to relative estimate of worth or desirability. In other words, a principle or standard is rated as valuable or desirable for determinable reasons. There is something inherently unsatisfiable about reducing the analytical scope or relative value of a resolutional issue to single or core value. In cases of core value debate, the guilty party has merely replaced the resolutional issue with a single other issue.

However, a resolutional issue is not synonymous with a contingent issue. In other words, “euthanasia” is not synonymous with “individual rights” or “society.” Reduction of the affective dimension of a resolutional issue to a single core value is an insult to the comprehensive value of the resolutional issue.’

Philosophy and reality Philosophy It is the guidance for those that do not rely on absentee deities to solve their problems. The earth is our domain, and it is within humanity’s power to live in peace and prosperity upon it. To do so we must wisely guide the course of civilization to achieve


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