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A Personal Statement

I would like to mention that I have decided to study dental education in America because the institutions and the education centers in America have developed highly appreciated education programs for the students and these programs are suitable for every student who wants to acquire education especially in the field of dentistry. “The United States has highly developed dental educational programs.

Prerequisites for admission to dental school almost always requires the completion of a university four-year bachelor’s degree, with some schools also requiring a significant amount of health science courses during the baccalaureate program” http://www.dhcamerica.com/ I have chosen dentistry as a subject because this subject really fascinated me and I was anxious to learn more about dentistry. I have observed that this field of dentistry has a great margin of profitability and this field has the potentiality of returning back the invested money. I have decided to acquire dental education in America and I will serve the people by establishing a clinic of my own. During my childhood days I used to see my uncle who was a dentist, he was a dedicated man and he provided his patients with all the needed treatments .

I also developed an interest in this field after observing my uncle and after few years I realized that instead of adapting other fields for higher education I would definitely make Dentistry as my ultimate selection. I personally, think that students must acquire that education which is of their interest, because education that is attained forcefully or by the pressure of the parents is useless.

A child should have the right to decide about his own career and he should have the ability to observe his own capabilities and talents. After making a decision to adapt dentistry I made considerable researches to know which country will be the best option to gain dental education. My researches proved that United States has a lot to offer for the students who are interested in adapting the field of dentistry. American Dental Education Association has also contributed a lot in making the people and the students aware of the worth of dentistry.

This association is working to promote dental education. A Last Word: In the end, I would like to state that I have full confidence on myself and after completing my education I would definitely serve my people and my country, moreover I would also have an inner satisfaction that I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a dentist as my uncle. I have also decided that after becoming a professional dentist I will promote this field and I will try to make the students aware of the fact that the field of dentistry has the potentiality to grow and develop

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